Wednesday, July 27, 2011

And so it goes...

See this smile?

The last recorded smile with all his baby teeth.
He's pretty thrilled about his Goodwill find -
the skateboard he's asked for five times everyday for the last four months.
[Forgive the quality - it was captured on my husband's (flashless) iphone.]

Now it looks like this:

Those of you who read my earlier post know my reluctance to meet this moment.  Ironically, this tooth is out by my own hand.  My hand, far smaller than the Mister's, whose fingers were too big to grab it.  My hand, bigger than the boy's, whose fingers were too small.

I'm sure God's having a good chuckle over it.

But, boy, was he excited!  He didn't even notice mommy's tears.

Hopefully, it having occurred on his way to bed won't mean the Tooth Fairy will miss the memo and fail to stop by.  We've seen this happen all too often.  (She really needs a better memory an email-fetching smart phone to get that late-breaking news even when she's on the job.)

And so it goes... the first of many.  Of course, with that new skateboard, maybe they'll all come out at once.

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