Monday, August 8, 2011

Gracie decorates her door

Saturday night, on my way to bed, I passed Gracie's door:

Apparently, I can help pay for the house.  I can clean the house.  But I cannot ROCK the house.

Below that sign was another:

La la la la.  Ha ha.  NO!
Personally, I think paying for the house trumps rocking the house.  Yes?

Notice she loves herself in the third person.  And the taped-on star.  
Nothing wrong with this girl's self-esteem.  
There is a problem, however, with her massive use of my scotch tape. 
No wonder I never have any when I need it.

And below that:

Really, it's like she wants us all to stay out of her room, which is kinda ironic, 
considering she grants herself access to her siblings' room all. the. time.



  1. ha ha. Mine does the same thing. I love it when she excludes her sisters, but mentions friends who have never been over.